Vendors FAQ

Even if you already sell online, adding a further showcase in order to reach people you wouldn’t currently reach cannot be negative for business, don’t you think? We’d love to have you in our community of independent vendors, so you can:

– share our passion and attention to customers

– experiment – if you like – with formats and deals, cross-selling and up-selling strategies

– benefit from our platform online ad campaigns

Yes, you can sell your services and intangible products (for example coupons), in addition to physical goods

The main categories are: Food, Beverage, Clothing & accessories, Health & beauty, Sport & equipment, House & kitchen, Garden, Art & crafts, Books, Technology, Entertainment and Professional services. If you believe that your products or services do not fall into any of these main categories, please contact us!
You can sell both globally and locally. Every time you put a product up for sale you can decide whether to target it to users of particular postal codes (usually this is the best option for perishable goods) or to all web users. For example, if your business is to sell vegetables in Oxfordshire, you can decide to make your products available only in Oxfordshire.
Love Independent is based on a revenue sharing system. For each sale, Love Independent takes 9% of the sale price so the vendor makes 91%. You collect all the money from the client, then you pay the 9% to Love Independent at the end of each month.
We make local businesses more visible and more competitive thanks to the possibility to sell their product online like the bigger market players. With Love Independent users can find their favourite local stores all in one e-commerce platform, so they can shop comfortably from home or elsewhere, and even the smallest commercial activity providers, artisans and freelancers can offer them all the advantages related to the speed and convenience typical of online shopping, while favouring the local community.
You can choose the methods you prefer, for each product: delivery (if you are organised for deliveries with your staff), sending by post, or click & collect (for local customers)
Big corporations and multinational retailers are increasingly colonising offline and online reality, spreading their depersonalised, overly standardised, and price-oriented approach, that does not fully appreciate passion and creativity. In order to counter this trend at least a little, Love Independent’s goal is to become an online shop window for all passionate independent vendors, their talents and their professionalism. The criteria that local businesses must meet in order to apply for membership are few and transparent: be a private citizen, a sole trader or a company operating in the local market; be the owner of up to 9 stores with the same brand.
Quite simply. When a user decides to place an order you will receive an email notification with all the customer details: name and address, products purchased, the amount they have paid, the delivery method chosen (if your product has more than one delivery method). From that moment you are free to organise the delivery (or to prepare the product for collection, if the customer has chosen the click & collect option)
es, please contact us and we will be happy to develop a customised solution together
Yes, you can, for example, offer coupons for sale and, once the purchase is made, your customer can decide to use the coupon in the ways you will establish with them.
Yes, please contact us to organise the sales process together: our team will be happy to help you!