Become a vendor

Love Independent is a site for businesses, freelancers, and makers, with the aim of supporting the local community. The vendors can act on the platform with autonomy, establishing which products or services to sell on the website, at what price and in which areas (postcodes), and deciding whether to deliver direct to the clients’ home (within an established area) or use the click & collect option.

Prices and fees for the first 50 vendors

£ 0 70£ Yearly
  • If you sell physical products (i.e. groceries, books, paintings): fee of 9% on each sale
  • If you sell coupons, tickets, vouchers or virtual products (i.e. hair cuts, music concerts): fee of 9% on each sale
  • If you sell services (i.e. oven repair, gutters cleaning): fee of 50p on each contact
Join is

The platform for online shopping is based on and annual fee of 70£ and a system of revenue sharing: the vendors operating on the website take out an annual subscription, then they collect the payment of the goods  directly from the buyer, then they pay a percentage of 9% to the portal at the end of each month. Service vendors will only pay 50p when they are contacted via Love Independent by potential customers.


The annual membership fee of 70£ is a contribution used to cover maintenance costs and the creation of promotional and advertising tools for the vendors themselves ( bags and packaging, communication material, organisation of meet ups or small events, etc.).

Being in the beta phase, for the first 50 vendors the first annual fee is on us! Apply now!


The criteria that local businesses must meet in order to apply for membership are few and transparent:

  1. be a private citizen, a sole trader or a company operating in the local market;

  2. sell goods, services or digital products.

To become part of the marketplace, players who want to join must complete a simple online form for the annual subscription, accept the Terms and conditions and upload some basic materials, i.e. their own brand or photo or their own store.

Visit the Love Independent Vendor Terms page for further information