About us

Love Independent is an e-commerce platform built to support local communities. Our idea is to group together local businesses, professionals and makers starting with the Abingdon and Oxford community and help them in selling their products or services, while guaranteeing diversity and variety to the online market.

Often online markets take a depersonalised, overly standardised, and price-oriented approach that does not appreciate passion and creativity enough. In order to counter this trend at least a little, Love Independent’s goal is to become an online shop window for all passionate vendors, their talents and their professionalism.


We are two freelance consultants specialising in marketing for small businesses and Love Independent is our start-up project, an e-commerce site that supports local businesses, professionals and makers in general, it makes them more visible and improves their sales.


Gathering local businesses all in one e-commerce platform helps users support the various local communities by making purchases from anywhere and potentially avoiding them having to spend time and energy by visiting a multitude of outlets. In this way even the smaller commercial activities, artisans and freelancers can offer their customers all the advantages of online purchases.


On Love Independent the users have the opportunity to purchase a variety of goods and services among the following categories: food, beverage, clothing & accessories, sport & equipment, house & kitchen, garden, health & beauty, technology, entertainment, and art & crafts. Anything, such as goods, services, digital products, coupons for discount or experiences can be sold and purchased here


Love Independent is a start-up online marketplace created with the aim of supporting local communities. The platform groups together local businesses and professionals and helps them in selling their products or services. Our goal is to involve independent commercial activity providers, makers and freelancers starting with the Abingdon an Oxfordshire communities. 


With Love Independent you can find your favourite local stores all in one e-commerce platform, so you can shop comfortably from your home or elsewhere, and even the smallest commercial activity providers, artisans and freelancers can offer you all the advantages related to the speed and convenience typical of online shopping, while favouring the local community.


Browsing on Love Independent you have the opportunity to purchase online the most diverse goods and services. This can become your online fashion store, the place where you buy shoes online, one of the best sites for online jewellery shopping and more. On the website you can find anything from art supplies to paintings and ceramics, from grocery and restaurants to furniture to professional services… anything can be purchased online and delivered to your preferred address or just collected directly from the shops.